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Western Canadian Consulting Services

Do you need to work with us from the beginning and every step of the way?

No. With over 100 years of operational experience, Cutting Edge would welcome the opportunity to provide unbiased assessment of your current operations and make recommendations to increase efficiencies and profit.

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Clients like you and professionals across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin consult-with-us for insight when facing various challenges on how-to-solve stake holder problems, acquisition challenges, and technical difficulties. You’d be surprised – some of your staff mightalready have us on speed-dial.

Why not bring us on formally as Third-Party-Consultants to evaluate efficacy of yourcurrent operations and make recommendations for increasing efficiency and profits?

Our clients have learned when their project isn’t going as planned, we’ll be there to pick-upthe pieces and get your project back-on-track to maximize ROI.

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" Simply Put - You tell Us Where You Want To Drill and We'll Take It From There."

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Our Services

Exactly What Services Can We Provide You With?

Resource Management

Your start to finish technical backbone for Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Project management.Providing you with seasoned experience for "Stakeholder Consultation, Regulatory, Land Services, Scouting & Survey Coordination,Well License Applications, Geoscience, Lease & Road Construction, Drilling & Completions, Project Management, Workovers & ProductionOptimization, Abandonment and Reclamation.

Complete Optimization & Execution

Maximizing your efficiency and returns for Conventional Oil and Gas, Heavy Oil, SAGD, High Temperature, High Pressure, Potash, Gas storage, Water Source and Disposal, Re-drills, Re-Entries, & Salt Caverns.

Complete Services Procurement

Supplying you with a beginning-to-end-program encompassing as many services as you require.


Provide guidance and technical support to exploration and production clients.

We Only Partner With Clients Like You

Refusing vested partnerships with service providers means you get honest advice and infallible integrity in execution. Partner with us for completely candid support and bankable, better results.

And Much More

There are many different services Cutting Edge can supply for you. Lets talk about your needs.

How Does Planning Fit Together with Execution?

What Are We Going To Do For You?
We will review your project and provide a Technical Program for execution, including estimated costs and time schedule.

How Are We Going To Do It?
Our experienced professional team, will manage the operations and provide you with: daily operational reports, weekly reports detailing actual versus estimated costs and schedule, and post project summary of lessons learned to capture and implement in the future.

How is Performance Evaluated?
Key performance indicators are evaluated on safety, schedule, and cost. This is a true quantifier of a successful program.

Our Team

Our team of accomplished professionals can manage any project.

  • Industry Experience Technical Training Management Skills

    Lonnie Lischka has over 15 years experience working in the oil and gas industry. His work has taken him across North America specializing in conventional oil, SAGD, CSS Thermal, shallow gas, high pressure high temperature deep gas, gas storage, salt caverns, disposals, water wells, re-drills, re-entries and potash. He’s quickly established himself as a trusted industry leader through a passion to achieve continuous improvement.

    Lonnie began his career in the oil and gas industry as a drilling fluids engineer, working from North East British Columbia to the Texas panhandle. While in this role, he experienced many types of down-hole challenges. Looking for a new challenge himself, Lonnie decided to take a position as well-site supervisor. In this role, he was involved with some of the early-stage thermal wells in Western Canada. This lead to a superintendent position, which allowed him to become recognized as an industry leader and develop new technology for drilling and completion applications.

    1. One of Lonnie’s major accomplishments was targeting 10 bottom-hole locations out of 3 surface casings, from one pad. This has proven to be a significant game changer in the oil and gas industry.
    2. He has also been involved in the instillation and execution of several different types of multi-stage fracturing ball-drop systems.
    3. After identifying a short fall in the industry, Lonnie launched Cutting Edge Energy Services, Your Complete Planning, Evaluation & Execution Partners. Cutting Edge takes pride in working with clients to identify a plan which entails detailed scope, schedule, and cost - and meeting those timelines and budgets. Cutting Edge is never happy with status quo and is always looking for the next improvement to the clients operation.
    4. Lonnie has efficiently managed budgets over 100 million dollars and takes pride in showing clients hard savings. Since 2013 alone, these savings have added up to over 30 million dollars for his clients.
  • Industry Experience Technical Training Management Skills

    Brian Cameron developed his seasoned expertise over 3 decades working in oil and gas. Throughout his extensive career he cultivated/built (your choice, again eliminating the duplication of developed)a renowned proficiency with drilling tools and well-site supervision. Rising through the ranks right to executive management has allowed Brian to bring a vast wealth of understanding and knowledge to draw on, which consistently helps Cutting Edge clients optimize operations.

    Brian started his career in 1977 and has continued to expand and develop his skills ever since. While working in the service sector, he became fluent in formation-interpretation and reservoir-analysis. Brian has been involved in many successful drilling and formation testing operations throughout Western Canada, Western United States, Libya, Cuba and Mexico.

    One of Brian’s major accomplishments as a testing specialist was pioneering the development of real-time-data gathering, for formation-testing.

    1. Brian has extensive experience running closed-chamber and real time telemetry, with the highest rate of success in the industry.
    2. Brian also brings veteran reservoir analysis and company management skills to the Cutting Edge team.
    3. His proficient skills made him a great asset in managing operations in Grande Prairie, Edmonton and North Dakota.
    4. Building on his success, Brian proved highly effective at drill-site supervision with a long list of companies such as Berkley, Response Energy, Trident, EnCana, TransCanada, Sunshine, PennWest and many other organizations.
    5. He has extensive experience drilling conventional oil, deep foot-hills, gas storage, coal bed methane, SAGD, and off-shore.


"I worked with Lonnie to drill 16 SAGD wellpairs for Sunshine’s West Ells SAGD project. The quality of the wells delivered was deemedbest in industry by an independent third party evaluator, in terms of producer permeability, well profile and offset between producer andinjector. This was a team effort delivered by the entire subsurface department, with Lonnie demonstrating his ability to work as an integralmember of this team. Additionally, these wells were delivered under budget and ahead of schedule." - Robert Logan-Asset Manager / Sunshine Oilsands

I endorse Lonnie for the following:
  • Manage his AFE in terms of timely cost tracking and reporting
  • Report on earned vs burned by well section
  • Well design well integrity and wellhead design
  • Conduct proper RFQs for procurement of major drilling equipment and services
  • Conduct DWOP (drill the well on paper) internally and with external vendors
  • Use of advanced drilling techniques and tools (managed differential sticking, improvement of cement bonds, ADR and Geopilot RSS)
  • Great team player with the entire subsurface department

"Cutting Edge was brought in-house at Devon to help improve our Thermal / SAGD operations.They were quickly able to add value to Devon's business through both forward thinking and drawing on past experiences. Cutting Edge supportedexisting operations as well help evaluate several key initiatives to improve how we do business. Working closely with all stakeholders while keepinga strong focus on safe operations, Cutting Edge was able to help reduce drilling costs by 10% in just 6 months. With a continued focus on operationalexcellence, we expect to further reduce our drilling costs as we continue to evaluate and implement opportunities for improvement with input from CuttingEdge." - Sean Stoller-Leader Drilling Engineering / Devon Canada

"I have worked with Lonnie at Sunshine Oilsands and now at Baytex Energy.In both companies, he has demonstrated a diverse knowledge of drilling technologyand operation tactics that have resulted in drilling programs that are on schedule,on budget and executed with little drama. His level of pre-planning, coordination ofthe various services and attention to detail is a skill I would like to see more engineers embrace." - Mark Montemurro-VP Thermal / Baytex Energy

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